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MTM Printing, invests a great deal of time, money and energy in training and research, as well as updating our equipment with the most up to date technology and software. Our designers are experts in digital design as well as in all aspects of the printing process itself.

Our equipment is set up for optimal performance and integration that we are able to provide our clients with such high quality printing and services.

Our current design equipment and software include:

Lotem 800 by Creo/Kodak - Computer to Plate (link to Lotem 800) technology
Staccato Screening - for consistent, reliable, high-impact print production
Prinergy – a fully integrated workflow management system, organzing page processing, proofing
Mac G5 computers
Creo iQsmart3 Scanner
Dell PowerEdge 2600 Server
Apple X Server
Photoshop CS
Microsoft Office
Adobe Acrobat Professional
Illustrator CS
In Design
Adobe CS